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Complete step-by-step guide to getting your ex back permanently!

  • "Getting Back Together with an Ex" is an e-book intended for people who are heartbroken and struggling to move on after a breakup, written by an expert in getting back together (read more about the author Brent Raymond)


  • Discover exclusive secret psychological tips & tricks for rekindling a lost love and rebuilding trust and attraction in just a few days.


  • The ONLY program in the world that comes with a 77-day calendar book with specific instructions for each day to guide the reader through the process of getting back together with an ex, guaranteed!


  • Aims to help the reader create an even deeper connection with their ex than ever before.

  • "Getting Back Together with an Ex" is designed for both males and females, and for people who broke up with their ex or were broken up with. Did the break-up happen a few days or +10 years ago? It doesn't matter, this program is for you!


  • Instant download to an email address with no registration required.

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Almost daily, we receive feedback and success stories here at Getting Back Together with an Ex! Want to share your story? Email the author directly on 

David, France

This program changed my love life and even my career. I used to be a mess and I transitioned into a totally different person. I owe you some bro! Thank you! (translated from French)

Robbie, Netherlands

Finally, a working strategy. I took notes all the time, and every day I made progress. Now, 2 years later, we are living back together and guess what, we are pregnant! What an amazing ride it has been!!!

Justin, US

Interesting stuff, full of tricks and ideas, I like it! I'm halfway now and things are looking good!

Eva, Germany

Dear Brent, congratulations to you and to myself. It worked!!! Thank you sooooo much!

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