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20 FREE GOLDEN TIPS (for boys AND girls) to become attractive again

  1. Avoid alcohol, drink water & juice.

  2. Always be mysterious & vague. Tell everyone you have something new going on, just don't reveal what exactly.

  3. Walk with straight back and chin up.

  4. Always walk slowly and confident, people hurrying show stress, which is a weakness and thus not attractive.

  5. Play hard to get, you deserve to be chased.

  6. Have sex during the no contact period (yes, also with yourself).

  7. Pretend to have a busy agenda, never immediately agree on a time & date before checking your schedule first.

  8. Get mentally strong by doing sports minimum once a week.

  9. Say nice things to yourself in the mirror every day. Be your own best friend.

  10. Daily self-care is super important. Clean yourself and always keep your haircut nice.

  11. Get at least 8 hours sleep a night, 9 is better.

  12. Go to sleep early and wake up early. Mornings are magic.

  13. Eat healthy food every single day.

  14. Minimize your social media time. It doesn't help for anything, on the contrary.

  15. Keep far away from your ex and his/her best friends, including their social media, until they wonder what's going on (see point 2).

  16. Be sure to completely relax at least two hours a day, ideally just before bedtime.

  17. Introduce "screenless" FULL days in your life: no smartphone, tablet, pc or television.

  18. Take your time to start the day. Enjoy mornings as much as possible.

  19. You are an AMAZING person, keep that in the back of your mind at all times!

  20. Load yourself with positive energy. Radiate that positivism to other people.

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