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To Block or not to Block your ex, that's the question...

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

The question that I frequently get from readers is: "Should I, or can I block my ex on social media and messaging apps during the No Contact period?"

I would definitely say:


Here's the thing, the option to block someone is to prevent someone to contact you, and although we would not mind our ex NOT contacting us during the No Contact period, social media and messenger apps are going to be the primary channels that we are going to use in a later phase. In addition to that, blocking your ex is usually done as an emotional attack, or revenge, in the hope that it's been noticed by them and even hurt them, and that's for sure not the way the magic of the No Contact rule works. The action of blocking him/her, even if it was done a long time ago, is some sort of communication or an attempt to reach out so it's a nogo. Your ex must see that (s)he is NOT in the center of your focus right now.

Do NOT block your ex on any messaging channel or social media and if you do, silently UNblock them today!

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